Facebook Ads Optimization

The structure of Facebook ads is different from the structure of Google AdWords campaigns because there is campaign and ad set logic. Budget can be given to advertising sets on Facebook but in Google AdWords Ads local budget  are given to campaigns.

Facebook Ads Optimization Strategies

Various optimizations have to be made according to the types of campaigns conducted in Facebook ads. The main types of optimizations are as follows.

  • Optimization to create new sets of ads based on performance of Men and Women and according to Gender.
  • Facebook Ads optimization to create a new ad set according to the network of networks that ads shown.
  • Optimization on Mobile device breakdown level. In this way, you can decide whether to open different ads or not on your facebook ads for Apple products and Android devices.
  • Optimization of visuals with A / B tests. By showing multiple images simultaneously as ads in your campaigns, you can decide with which visuals you will proceed in your facebook ads according to the performance of these images.
  • Hourly optimization on Facebook ads. for example, you may decide not to show ads at night.

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