Reporting Automation

Digital marketing campaigns are conducted through different channels such as Facebook, AdWords, Instagram. In order to execute an effective digital marketing strategy, it has become a necessity to define and follow various metrics. However, it takes a lot of time to follow these metrics regularly from various channels. It has also been proven by research that the efficiency of employees who constantly do the same work falls.  Reporting automation is a one-click update of predefined reports with specific frequencies or instantaneous.

How to do Reporting Automation?

Reporting automation is done through application interfaces called API provided by advertising channels such as Google AdWords, Facebook and Google Analytics. Application interfaces enable reporting automation service by allowing the application data to be withdrawn regularly. These APIs – programming languages to use the application interfaces, and databases are sometimes used to store this data.

For reporting automation, primarily a decision is made about which metrics are needed and how they will be presented  by working with customers. For the presentation of reporting automation, channels preferred which the customer is already using or can easily adapt to such as Excel. Sometimes, if there is a consensus that the customer will benefit, new tools are introduced to customers and steps are taken to increase their productivity.

After the metrics and the channels are determined, Boosmart software team, with the help of the software that is currently available, provides these reports and ensures their continuity.

As Boosmart Digital Marketing Agency,  we provide service to brands about reporting automation which we are expert. This ability of us helps our customers to reduce the time they spend on operational tasks and allow them to allocate time for more strategic decisions.

If you think that reporting automation service is appropriate to your needs, contact us. Let’s decide together what we can do for you.