Increase Your Organic Visibility in Search Engines, Make Visitors Discover You.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the complete set of technical and content based actions to be more visible and top-ranked among non-sponsored content on leading search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing. With Search Engine Optimization, you can get your potential customers know you and interact with you without allocating digital marketing and advertising budgets every month.

The biggest advantage of the Search Engine Optimization service is, no doubt, making your growth process cost advantage and sustainable. With a number of technical improvements and a well-planned content strategy that you can realize while configuring your site, you can quickly achieve your desired commercial success of your brand.

In general, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities are gathered  in three main categories. These are On-Site SEO, Off-Page SEO and Content Management.

On-Site SEO includes the necessary code edits so that search engines like Google which come to discover your internet site and its contents can get the data correctly and quickly. It is necessary to carry out detailed research and analysis about your URL structure, whether you have repetitive pages or not, canonical codes, JS, CSS, HTML architecture on your site, the status / error codes on your site (404, 301, 500, etc.), http2 & quick technologies and many more to make improvements to meet the requirements of search engines.

Off-Page SEO refers to the arrangements performed outside your site to influence your search engine rankings positively. In this context, you can make various referrals to your site from different sites in order to increase the reputation, reliability and authority of your site in the search engines’ eyes. In this way your internet site becomes a popular internet site where other sites give you a reference. Within the context of this project, called Backlink projects, it is possible to organically manage this growth with useful text containing value.

Content management is one of the most important stages of search engine optimization (SEO) activities. In order to achieve high rankings in the keywords you target on Google and other search engines, your content needs to be semantically complete and sufficiently specific to the sought-after topics. Creating content that search engines can more easily recognize and analyze, your organic performance will also be reflected in the correct proportion. In the content management service, different criteria such as keyword density, subheading and synonym keywords of the words used in the content of your internet site are looked at and the organic traffic is improved by making the necessary arrangements.