Increase Your Total Access With Social Media’s Deep Targeting Power.

Social media is  in our lives more than 10 years. Every day, millions of social media users are spending more than an hour in social media channels and consuming content. This orientation from traditional media to alternative media, caused brands to review their communication strategies.  Brands are following developments on the agenda momentarily and they are focused on content that can generate user-side reactions.

As a performance marketing,  we can say that social media has just completed the crawling phase. While Facebook was analyzing user behavior well enough during its most popular moments, it was not able to reflect this in its advertising products. Since 2014, Facebook has been restructuring its advertising products so now we can say that this channel is now available to get budget on performance marketing campaigns. Towards the end of 2015, with the integration of Instagram into Facebook and its placement in ad targets, Facebook’s share of performance marketing budgets has increased day by day.

If we need to make a comparison between social media ads and search engine ads, it is possible to say that we are targeting potential customers by making various estimates in the direction of their interests rather than in their buying behavior. With search engine ads, users who are searching for a ”mobile phone” need immediately seen by ads. With social media ads,  you can target users with the income levels that can let them buy  ”mobile phones ”with demographic details in the channels they spend time with. As a result, with both targeting methods, different brand expectations can be met and new customer acquisition can be achieved.


What are Social Media Ads?

It is possible to advertise on many social media channels sub-heading of social media ads. For the determination of those channels, criterias such as product or service to be marketed, budget, medium and long-term strategies, brand awareness, digital footprint of the target audience are taken into consideration.

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