Attribution Modeling Consultancy

Attribution models are models which you will be able to evaluate your traffic sources with a more fair approach which also emits the value of the previous steps instead of just saving   the value you get from a conversion to the last step.

What is User Journey?

User Journey is the given name to the entire experience of a user from pre-purchase to post-purchase. All traffic sources and experience the user experiences in User Journey can be considered under this scope.

Attribution Model Traffic Source Positions

First Traffic Source (First)

It is the first traffic source that the user meets in User Journey.

Middle Traffic Sources (Middle)

On User Journey, all traffic sources between the first traffic source (first) and the pre-traffic source (assist) are called “middle traffic”, middle. Unlike the positions in the other Attribution models, “middle traffic sources” may contain multiple traffic sources.

 Pre Last Traffic Source (Assist)

On User Journey, it is the traffic source before the last traffic source that the user has encountered.

Last Traffic Source (Last)

On User Journey, it is the latest traffic source that the user is seeing.

The conversion path is also assigned to the relevant locations as follows.

  1. 1. The last traffic source (last)
  2. 2. First Traffic Source (First)
  3. 3. Before the Last Traffic Source (Assist)
  4. 4. Middle Traffic Sources (Middle)

What are Attribution Models?

Attribution models are evaluated in the following main categories.

Last Click Attribution Model

Last Click Attribution Model  is a model in user journey that receives the entire conversion value of the last-clicked traffic source. Previous traffic steps will not receive any share from conversion value.

Last Click Attribution Model is more suitable for eCommerce companies with a low shopping cart volume and a short turnaround time or or on brands with low traffic sources on user journey. For example, this model can be considered for companies selling iPhone cover.

Last click non Direct Attribution Model

Last click non Direct Attribution Model is an attribution model which is used when looking at the traffic in analytics Acquisition> All Traffic Sources> Source / Tool view. In this model, if the user initiates a new session by typing the URL of the website after the user clicks on a traffic source on user journey, meaning visits the internet site with direct traffic, the resulting conversion value is written to the previous traffic source.

To give an example for Last click non Direct Attribution Model; Suppose that the user first came to the internet site from google / cpc traffic source, then from facebook / cpc traffic source and then from direct / none traffic source. In this case, although the last traffic source is direct / none, last click non direct attribution model gives the whole conversion value to facebook / cpc traffic source.

What is Linear Attribution Model?

Linear Attribution Model is an attribution model which distributes the conversion value that occurs to traffic sources on the positions the first traffic source (first), the middle traffic sources (middle), the traffic source before the last traffic source (assist), the last traffic source (last) as 25%, 25%, 25%, 25% respectively.

What is Time Decay Attribution Model? 

Time Decay Attribution Model is an attribution model where a higher conversion value is assigned to the traffic source that is closer in time to conversion and lower conversion value assigned to the traffic source that is fartherin time to conversion.

How to decide the correct Attribution Model?

The decision to move forward with the right attribution model depends on the digital marketing strategy of the brand, the marketing budget of the brand and the stage of the business life cycle of the brand.

For example, if the brand has decided to reduce its marketing budget, an attribution model in which higher scores are given to the last traffic source should be applied. If the decision time of the product sold by the brand is a long time for customers, in this case more linear or time dependent attribution model should be applied.

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