Google Ads

Increase your traffic and conversions by using various advertising models from Google.

Search Engine Ads Make It Possible to Carry Out Efficient and Measurable Marketing Activities

Search Engine Ads are the most efficient and productive way to reach online consumers who look for a solution in line with their requirements. Your potential clients may see your ads only when they make a search that fulfills the conditions you have identified on the search engines such as Google, Yandex, and Bing, and you are required to pay a fee that does not exceed the limits you have identified only when they click on your ads.

For a Search Engine Ad, you may identify the respective variables such as your budget, the locations where your ad is to be displayed, the ad impression frequency and, the add impression hours. You will be able to follow the brands you compete with making use of real-time data and analyze the share of each brand in the keywords you target as an ad impression value.

The biggest advantage of the Search Engine Ads is that they allow you to view your performance up to the slightest breakdowns thereof thanks to its fully measurable structure. There are some code integrations with your website or mobile applications that will allow you to view the amount of money you earn in consideration of the digital marketing investment you have made or how many customers have contacted you in connection therewith. This makes it possible for you to easily calculate the return of interest (ROI) for your investment and, revise your growth strategies accordingly.

Boosmart offers sales-oriented services through the solutions for Search Engine Marketing. At the beginning of the service, necessary tests are carried out for your integrations with all the marketing and measuring technologies and, the returns from the performance marketing activities are instantly analyzed. In order to keep the learning process of your campaigns short, the users, who have fulfilled certain conditions, are deemed to have realized a micro-conversion and, thus a more efficient and deeper optimization is carried out as the statistical data get increased.

Under the scope of the Search Engine Marketing service, the following campaign types are used: Google Ads Search Ads, Google Display Network – GDN Ads, Shopping Ads, YouTube Ads, and Gmail Ads.

As Boosmart we decide the final budget and the budget distribution for the campaign after the ads start to be displayed and a certain amount of data is obtained. This makes it possible to avoid unnecessary expenses and, transfer the amounts saved in this manner to the next months.

If you think that you need a great Search Engine Ads service, please feel free to contact us and let’s decide together what we can do for you.