Facebook Ads

Get clients through detailed targeting processes and advertising models from Facebook.

You open a new Facebook profile and Facebook asks you to provide some certain information. You add a lot of demographic information to your profile details such as your birth date, birthplace, the university you have graduated from, whether you have a sister, the name of the company you work for, and your profession, etc. You started to use Facebook and, let’s say that you have liked about 30 Facebook pages within a period of 6 months thereafter. In this way, you interact with the contents of various pages that produce content on Facebook. For example, you like a post, share it, and write a review below it. One of your best friends has now a baby and, you share some reviews below this post.

These and similar footprints make it possible for Facebook to display ads considering the demographics, behaviors, and field of interests of the users.

One of the most important criteria to get the best out of the Facebook ads is the ability to describe the targeting criteria and digital footprints of your target audience to the extent that is permissible by the Facebook ad types. For example, if your target audience consists of people with a high-income level, who love spending social time outside with their families and tend to make luxury consumptions, then it would make sense to try to reach an audience that consists of people who have a field of interest for “boat show”, who also have the highest income level of 10% according to the respective Facebook criteria, who are married and, who use an operating system of iOS 11 and above or Android 7.0 or above.

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