Facebook Ads Optimization

Increase your performance with optimizations to be made in your Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads Optimization

The structure of Facebook ads is different from the campaigns of Google Ads. This is because there is a different set of campaigns and ads between these two platforms. One could assign a budget to the sets of ads at Facebook, while the budget is assigned to the campaigns at Google Ads.

Facebook Ads Optimization Strategies

Facebook ads require various optimizations according to the type of the planned campaigns. The main optimization types are as follows;

Gender: An optimization model established to create new ad sets according to the performances of males and females.

Network: A Facebook ads optimization model intended to create new ad sets according to the network where the ads are placed, Mobile device: You can make a decision if you need different ads at Facebook for Apple devices and Android devices.

A / B testing: You can make a decision on which image you should use for your Facebook ads strategies based on the image performances by means of placing more than one image concurrently during your campaigns.

Time: Considering the conversion figures for your ads or the return of investment figures, you may, for example, decide not to place an ad at night.

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