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As a creative digital marketing agency, we offer various career opportunities. We always look for new talents for our team.


We are stronger when we are together and, we can offer better values to our business partners. We encourage teamwork and strengthen our team members to proactively contribute to the process of making a difference.


Knowledge is power. Based on our knowledge, we help our business partners and team members grow quickly. Knowledge sharing has helped us quickly grow in a competitive sector and, earn our various partners’ confidence.


You will always have a chance to put into practice your ideas. We like people with excited eyes, creative ideas, and a provocative structure. We focus on sharing for the opportunities to grow and improve.


We are a young, yet fantastic team! We are aware of the value of establishing relations outside work and entertaining together.


We always keep our promise; we know when to ask for help and, we challenge ourselves to get better day by day.


We look for feedback, listen to everyone’s ideas and share what we have generously, and size each and every opportunity to learn about more, improve and grow our business.


Complete your application by clicking the “Apply” button and submitting the form containing the position information you want to apply for. If the evaluations are positive, you will be informed by our Human Resources team via e-mail or phone.

If you have experience/knowledge of new technologies you have mastered in web software and your ability to adapt to a new technology, you can briefly mention it in addition to the application.

• Full time

Required Skills

  • Basic knowledge of basic web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JS
  • Experience with Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Yandex Metrica and other SEO tools.
  • Expert in basic search engine concepts such as Bot, Crawl, SERP, Index, Link juice, Backlink, etc. 
  • Great command of concepts such as Canonical, rich snippet, in-site linking, no follow, anchor text
  • Monitoring search engine algorithms and updates continuously
  • Motivate to work with targets
  • Having strong customer relations
  • In-depth knowledge of various third-party tools used for Search Engine Optimization
  • Proficient with on-site and off-site link building analysis tools 
  • Skilled in planning and organizational skills
  • Strong analysis, interpretation, reporting and analytical thinking skills
  • Proactive and result oriented

Job Description: 

  • Performing need analysis for the customers served in SEO
  • Preparing plans regarding improvements to be made in increasing organic traffic on site and controlling the customer’s actions. 
  • Preparing SEO project documents for customers
  • Following up with the platforms such as search console, analytics and tracing third party tools
  • Managing workflows including client management and reporting.

If you have experience/knowledge of new technologies you have mastered in web software and your ability to adapt to new technology, you can briefly mention it.

Required Skills:

  • Minimum 2 years of experience in WordPress
  • Experience with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery), Php, MySql 
  • Proficient in software technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (jQuery), Php, MySql
  • Experience with Bootstrap and similar framework.
  • Experience implementing responsive design websites.
  • Current knowledge on upcoming technologies, web, mobile and wordpress standards.
  • Develop WordPress sites according to previously designed formulas and metrics
  • Advanced level in English language and writing skills and able to do research when needed 
  • * Experience creating multi-vendor online marketplaces such as, WooCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop, Magento, Shopify etc

Job Description: 

  • Ability to create and modify WordPress templates, functions and plugins
  • Deliver new website options or functionality based on client requests, continued feedback, and creative problem solving.
  • Making different services talk with backend developments when necessary in projects made using WordPress
  • Understanding of Technical SEO development and best practices
  • Develop and customize website themes for WordPress