Web Analytics

Get efficient results interpreting the data that you obtain from your visitors.

You May Get Data-Oriented Outputs By Analyzing The Behaviors of The User Visiting Your Website

One of the biggest problems that a company engaging in the field of performance marketing has is that it is required to make a to-do list based on figures in order to interpret the website traffic and improve the user experience on the website.

Many brands complain that they fail to get the expected return although it seems that their websites attract a significant amount of user traffic. Accordingly, the first thing to do here is to make research finding the way that would turn the traffic into the conversion. It is of utmost importance that the following questions be clearly answered: Which contents are your visitors interested in? On which pages do they spend more time? What is the percentage of the call-to-action buttons clicked? And how much do the users prefer to scroll down on the page?

Which Types of Analyses Can be Carried Out with Web Analytics?

Let’s say that you use Google Analytics on our website. In this case, you can carry out the following analyses on your website.

Let’s assume that you sell pizzas. Would you like to know if diet coke or normal coke is the product put into the cart by the users who purchase vegan pizzas? This would enable you to increase your sales by means of suggesting the respective products to the respective users at the respective cart steps.

Would you like to know the answers to these questions: What are the field of interests of the users who only fill in a contact form out of those visiting your website according to the Google Taxonomy? And what is the field that they are interested in the most: baby products or healthy eating? It is possible that you find the answers to these questions by means of using the features of segments and filters on Google Analytics.

You send the traffic to two different pages on your website. Assume that you send the traffic to both the contact page and the home page. Which is the one you get the highest level of efficiency? You can get the answer to this question thanks to web analytics.

Out of the users how many make a direct call (click to call) by means of clicking the phone number you make available on the mobile version of your website? Thanks to the event tracking integration, you may get the details that out of 100 mobile users, 9 call you by means of clicking on your phone number. In addition, you can separately view these statistics by Android and iOS and, optimize your marketing budget accordingly.

Which page is the slowest one to open on your website? Or which page is the fastest one to open? You can make your slowest pages faster by means of optimizing the image sizes and the respective codes.

Would you like to know from which ads you get returns the most on your website: Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads? And out of the users who have previously clicked on an Instagram ad how many visit your website by means of using your brand words on Google at the subsequent searches? The high-level features of the Analytics will enable you to get the answers to these questions.

As Boosmart we make analyses to let you know which web analytics tools (Yandex Metrica, Webtrekk, Google Analytics, etc.) you should use to access the web analyses that you need. We prepare together the questions out of which you could get the most trying to get the answers to these questions. And then we make the additional installations if necessary and, act in cooperation with you to interpret the respective data.

If you think that you need a great and comprehensive Web Analytics service please feel free to contact us and let’s decide together what we can do for you.