E-Export Consultancy

Enable to business to reach foreign markets and grow

Your business has grown at local markets reaching new clients and sales channels. You have achieved to maintain a sustainable growth level over the years. So, what is next?  What should you do to ensure that your business would grow further quickly and robustly? Here is what you should know about E-export…

What is The E-Export?

One could define the concept of E-export as an export transaction carried out as a purchase order placed by your clients residing abroad through your web site.

Who Can Engage in E-Commerce and Why Is It Important?

Any commercial organization that wishes to operate at a foreign market could engage in E-export. This concept of E-export offers many advantages and opportunities to businesses. And thus, it is very important. Here are some advantages that a business can have engaging in E-export:

  • Increased sales and enhanced profitability
  • New opportunities created for growth
  • Increased local reputation
  • Products affected less by seasonal changes
  • Scale economy offered
  • Less dependency on the domestic market

How Can You Use the Internet Efficiently for E-Export?

The Internet and digital marketing offer significant advantages compared to the conventional export approaches. You can not only reach your potential clients  from all over the world without the need for any physical environment but you can also:

  • Choose your products according to the local market dynamics. Make decisions on your target market with small trials making use of the options such as “fulfillment” without the need to incur local storage costs.
  • If you are a manufacturer, you can work with international and local online marketplaces and test whether your products attract attention in international markets without setting up your own e-commerce infrastructure from day one.
  • Increase your profitability by listing and selling your products in terms of international foreign exchange currencies such as USD, Euro, Pounds etc. instead of making sales in terms of local currencies in your country.
  • Have the possibility to customize your products and services considering the customer location. Increase your sales potential by means of offering product and service propositions within different price ranges considering the respective purchasing power of your clients in that particular location.
  • Enter the respective markets depending on the competition conditions by means of identifying different product choices in different countries through online tools.
  • Lessen the burden of customer support and have an easy to manage and flexible customer services operation making use of the online messaging services without the need for establishing large call centers.
  • Outsource the language localization, logistics, marketplace, payment systems, and digital marketing services, etc. and, maintain the optimum level of your unit costs per market through the remote support services without the need for establishing a physical operation.

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