Reporting Automation

Send your reports with a single click at certain frequencies or instantly.

Reporting Automation

Reporting automation is that predetermined reports could be updated with a single click at certain frequencies or instantly. As is known, digital marketing campaigns are carried out through different advertising channels such as Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram. Various metrics must be defined and monitored accordingly in order to carry out an efficient and productive digital marketing strategy. However, it takes too much time to monitor different metrics on a regular basis through various platforms. In addition, it is proven by research that employees who constantly serve the same purpose lose their productivity in time. This is the exact location where reporting automations step in.

How to Do Reporting Automation?

Reporting automation is a process that is carried out by means of using application interfaces called API offered by advertising channels such as Google Ads, Facebook and Google Analytics. Application interfaces enable reporting automation by allowing data to be obtained on a regular basis. There are some programming languages to use these application interfaces – API and, some databases to store the data. For an efficient reporting automation, we act in cooperation with clients to decide on which metrics are required and how the data identified in this manner should be presented. To present the reporting automation, such platforms that are already used by or that could easily be adapted by clients such as Excel are preferred. In addition, in case there is a mutual understanding that the clients could get benefits, then new tools are introduced to them and, new steps are taken to increase the level of their efficiency. Once the metrics on the reports and the platform to be used have been identified, a software team from Boosmart presents these reports and maintain the provision thereof with the help of the dedicated software programs it has developed.

As Boosmart Digital Marketing Agency, we serve the brands also in the field of reporting automation about which we are experts. This skill that we have helps our clients reduce the time they spend on their operational processes and, spare more time to take strategic decisions and come up with new and innovative ideas.

If you think that you need this service of reporting automation in a perfect manner please feel free to contact us and let’s decide together what we can do for you.