Mobile Analytics

Increase your mobile experience with the obtained data from your mobile visitors.

It is critical to measure the performance and carry out a real-time analysis in the field of mobile applications just like in each aspect of digital marketing. A mobile analysis is intended to measure how the user interacts with your mobile application. This interaction is analyzed during the customer journey establishing the foundation of the process.

A real-time process to monitor the behavioral analysis data for a mobile application will help a brand assess the experience offered to the clients and, adjust it accordingly.

What Are the Primary Metrics in Mobile Application Analysis?

Unlike websites, a mobile application should be first installed on the device of a user so that it reaches them. Therefore, the first metric to consider will be installation along with performance marketing.

Another primary metric in respect of a mobile application is the details on the Daily Active Users (DAU) and the Monthly Active Users (MAU). These metrics show the level of the interaction between your mobile application and the users thereof. And the difference between the total number of users who installed the application and the number of active users shows the users who installed the application but do not use it. A marketing communication at this step would be an invitation to the users to use the application again.

In addition to these basic metrics, the established Custom Events should also be analyzed. Both the marketing strategy and the product strategy within the application could be shaped accordingly through the motoring of the actions taken by the users within the application and, the insights to be obtained from these data.

Which Tools Are Used for Mobile Application Analysis?

Firebase, one of the most frequently used tools for mobile application analysis, is usable for Android, iOS, and Unity applications.

In addition, Apple App Analytics is one of the most frequently used tools for iOS applications. This product called Apple App Analytics is however not used for detailed in-app analyses.

It is also possible for you to integrate your mobile application with Google Analytics, one of the most used measuring tools. Anyone with previous experience with Google Analytics on the web would feel familiar with the system for the applications too. However, you are kindly reminded that there are also many features of Google Analytics designed for websites but not activated yet for the applications.

As another frequently used tool, Adjust is used not only to prevent fraud but also to carry out in-app applications accordingly. It works in integration with some of the most frequently used ad platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Business, Twitter Ads, Tiktok Ads, and Apple Search Ads, etc.

As Boosmart, we provide consultancy both for your digital ads with the most frequently used mobile analysis tools and also provide you with regular and detailed reports with the insights integrated with our experience to make sure that you increase the number of interactions on your application, enhance the level of your ad incomes, rise the in-app sales or win new subscribers.