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Instagram Ads

With Instagram ads you can use both instagram and facebook’s power together. For example, it is possible to reach mothers who interested in baby products category on facebook and mothers with 1 to 3 year old baby who are following the famous social media mothers on Instagram at the same time.

On Instagram and Facebook platforms we can realize marketing strategies which you can earn high revenue by dynamic remarketing according to the money you spend and according to the products your users last visited on your website.

It is also possible to use Instagram and Facebook ads as a channel to increase your number of followers and your interaction with your users at the same time. For example, there is an event you plan to make at the weekend and you want to announce this to the people who entered the internet site in the last 1 year via Instagram and Facebook. With the right marketing strategy and reasonable costs, we can do this with you.

If you think that Instagram Ads are appropriate to your needs, please contact us. Let’s decide together what we can do for you.