By analyzing user behavior that comes to your web site, you can get data-focused output.

One of the biggest problems of performance marketing companies is, to  make sense of the traffic coming to your website and to build a to-do list based on figures to improve the user experience on the website. Many brands complain that they can not have the feedback and conversion to their website they are expecting despite the serious amount of user traffic. First of all, it is necessary to investigate the ways for returning customers. It is also of great importance that answers for questions such as; What content are your visitors interested in, which page does your visitors go out the most, on which pages are they spending more time, the clicking rate of the call-to-action buttons which starts action, how far the users prefer to scroll down on the page are answered in a clear way.

What kind of analysis can be done with Web Analytics?

Let’s say you use Google Analytics on your website. In this case, you can do the following analysis on your website.

  • Suppose you sell pizza. Do you want to know if the users who eat vegan pizza are choosing diet coke or regular coke? At this point you can increase your sales by suggesting the relevant product to the relevant user in the shopping cart steps.
  • Would you like to know the interests of the users based on Google taxonomy who visited your internet site and only the ones who filled the contact form? Do you want to know if these users are mostly interested in baby products or healthy eating? It’s possible to find answers to these questions using the segment and filters features in Google Analytics.
  • You are sending traffic to two different pages on your internet site. Let’s consider you send traffic to both the contact page and the homepage. Which one do you get more efficiency from? You can find answers to these questions through web analytics.
  • How many of your users click on the phone number you put on your internet site in your mobile display (click to call)? Thanks to the integration of event tracking, you can access the information telling you that 9 of 100 mobile users are searching for you by clicking on your phone number. You can also look at this statistic separately in Android and IOS breakdown and optimize your marketing budget.
  • What is the slowest drop-down page on your website? Or what is the fastest page? You can speed up your slowest opening pages by optimizing image sizes and running codes.
  • Would you like to know if you get more conversion and feedback from facebook ads on your website or from Instagram ads? How many of the users who first clicked on the instagram ads access your internet site using your brand words on Google for later searches? You’ll find answers to all of these questions with Analytics’s top-level features.

As Boosmart, we are analyzing which web analytics tools (Yandex Metrica, Webtrekk, Google Analytics etc.) you need to make you reach web analytics you need.  We are putting together questions that we can get the most benefit and we are trying to find answers to these questions. Later, if additional installation is required, we perform these setups and make the data meaningful with you.

If you think that web analytics service is appropriate to your needs, contact us. Let’s decide together what we can do for you.