Effective and measurable marketing is possible with Search Engine Ads.

Search Engine Ads are the most effective and efficient way to reach online consumers who are looking for a solution in line with their needs. In search engines like Google, Yandex, Bing, your potential customers can show your ads only when they make searches that meet the conditions you specify and you will pay a fee not exceeding the limits you set  only when your ad is clicked.

In Search Engine Ads, you can set the variables by yourself such as your budget, the locations where your ads will be shown, the frequency of your ad impressions and ad showtimes. You can follow up the brands which you are in competition with real-time data, you can see how much share each brand is getting on the keywords you are targeting as an ad impression.

The biggest plus of Search Engine Ads is, they are offering you the ability to see your performance up to its finest breakdown because of  its fully measurable structure.  With the code integrations to be made to your web site or mobile application, you will be able to observe how much money you have made or how many customers have communicated with you with the digital marketing investment you made. In this way, you can easily calculate your conversion on your investment (ROI) and revise your growth strategies based on these figures.

Boosmart, serves completely as sales-oriented with Search Engine Marketing solutions. At the beginning of the service, your integration into all marketing and measurement technologies is done by making the necessary tests and the results of the performance marketing studies are analyzed instantaneously. To keep the learning process of your campaigns short, users performing certain conditions are considered to have performed micro transformations and more efficient optimization is achieved by increasing the statistical data.

Under the Search Engine Marketing service scope, service is provided in campaign types like Google Ads Search Ads, Google Display Network – GDN Ads, Shopping Ads, YouTube Ads and Gmail Ads.

At Boosmart, the decisions about the final budget of the campaigns and the distribution of the budget are made once ads start and after certain data is available. In this way unnecessary expenditures are prevented and the expenditures saved are transferred to the next month.