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Facebook Ads

You have opened a new facebook profile and facebook wants some information from you. You add dozens of demographic information to your profile like your profession, your birthday, your birth place, university you graduate, do you have sisters, the name of the company you work for. Then you started to use facebook and after 6 months, you liked about 30 facebook pages and interact with the contents of these facebook pages. For example, you like a share, share it and make comments. Your closest friend had a baby and you make comments under this share. With this and similar footprints, it becomes possible to advertise facebook advertisements to users according to demographics, behavior and interests.

One of the most important criteria for getting performance from Facebook ads is, to describe the digital footprints of the audience you are targeting with the targeting criteria allowed by facebook ad types. For example, if the target audience you want to reach is a high income level, a family who likes to spend social time outside with their family and loves the luxury consumption, it may be wise to reach a group of people who have a interest in “boat show” in facebook ads, at the same time, according to the relevant facebook criterion who are at the highest level of income of 10%, married and who are using IOS 11 and up or Android 7.0 and above operating system.

If you think that  Facebook Ads are appropriate to your needs, please contact us. Let’s decide together what we can do for you.