Data Analysis

For, the most important part of our success as Boosmart is that we are developing ad technologies. We develop advertising technologies in various fields that last for over three years. The areas we have developed for advertising technologies include Google AdWords, Search Console, Google Analytics, Facebook Post Management / Automation, Facebook Ads Management, and YouTube. Combinations of these technologies enable us to provide valuable services. For example, we are developing technologies that can match organic keywords in the Search Console with AdWords paid search terms, and identify potential words that can be added to AdWords ads. In this context, we constantly compare AdWords paid keywords and organic keywords in Mobile Ads to see which keyword groups are more important to us and we have optimized them accordingly. drives 70% of its traffic from mobile devices. We started by setting up the mobile app events that needed optimizing the conversion; such as splash screen load time, first app open, app session, conversion, as well as membership, getting an application, and defining these conversions on the analytics side.
Mobile compatible websites and mobile app is a huge need for companies and we wanted to be a strong player at this game. We helped to fix their mobile experience and mobile UI problems. We analyzed their websites via Google mobile test tools and we provided them feedback about what they have been missing on their websites.

What have we done?

For one of the leading career companies in the industry, because AdWords bidding strategy algorithms can learn better with a large number of conversions we’ve also identified the number of memberships along with the number of job applications as an AdWords conversion. In this method, with a large number of conversion data, smart bidding technologies analyzed the cases which the consumer can get a better conversion and improved the performance day by day.
By analyzing keywords and positions that bring organic traffic from the Search Console, we’ve consistently provided keyword improvements to AdWords. We obtained the insights by sharing them with our customers weekly, determined the advertisements that we should highlight within the site, and took action to maximize the number of conversions.
Simultaneously, IOS and Android applications with a better understanding of the needs of the consumer; we made our applications more mobile-friendly. We added our apps as app extensions to our ads and we increased our app installs monthly via mobile on this. We’ve included our Apple Store and Android store pages more visible in the mobile view. With the help of our updated mobile applications, we have increased the use of and also our market share.
We emphasized the mobile app download campaigns’ importance to maintain more install for our client first. We made remarketing campaigns for users who entered the website. When we segmented users in Analytics, we saw that each segment has a different business referral success rate. Since each segment has a different conversion rate, we’ve also managed a different bid management for each user list.
We have separately managed the bid lists according to the analytics of the job application rates we have added to the user lists. We also created several analytics events for each activity in the app. Based on the results of these events, we have constantly observed what we have achieved in the results of the campaigns we have been spending.


We prioritized the advertisements that might interest the incoming traffic by analyzing the job advertisement that the consumer is interested in. With the data we obtained, we analyzed them with products such as Microsoft Power BI and used the technologies like customized push notification. Thus, the number of conversions we have achieved at this point has increased and our market share has grown even more each month.
We knew that we could grow our account not only with ads but also with funnel improvement. We knew that mobile users had a fast-paced, easy-to-use mobile experimentation experience, therefore we made the application process of the account easier.

We started a universal campaign for our mobile app install and we have entered the highest performance of search campaigns ad text in universal campaigns. Those tested headlines decreased the learning cost for universal campaigns. In a short time, universal campaigns settings started to work perfectly and our campaigns have reached a good amount of reach at a very acceptable cost per install.

We collected the behavior data of users to analyze the churn rates of each digital marketing channels. We also made a more detailed analysis to campaigns, ad groups, headline or locations. We have calculated the cost per qualified install for users who are still using after 7 days, 14 days, 30 days and so on. We shaped our marketing strategy according to those analyses continuously.

During this time, we used different technologies to manage the push notification and segmentation according to the mobile behavior. We tested different 3rd party solutions and we brought our insight into gather. Push notification is a very important issue and we have managed different scenarios like triggering push notifications according to the desktop behavior like searching a new job or applying a new. Sometimes, we also used the location via using geofence feature to trigger our push notifications. We guide our client to deliver those push notifications at the same time to the right audiences.

Mobile marketing needs very powerful 3rd party conversion tracking tools and we have integrated the firebase solution to is using Google Analytics 360 Suite and we used the unsampled reports to understand what data is saying more deeply. We activated a very detailed event tracking structure and we understand the user behavior more powerfully.


Established in 2000, is the leading career portal that is specialized on Human Resources, Internet, Jobs, and Career. It contains 16 million resumes on its own resume bank. provides internet-based selection and evaluation services for over 155,000 firms from different sectors. With a continuously updated technology, they have created solutions for accelerating and facilitating business plus candidate search processes of individual and corporate members.