Success story with our brand in digital marketing


We decided to better use AdWords’ machine learning algorithms, which are improving day by day, in our account. The most important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) on our website was to increase the membership number of As one of the leading career companies in the sector, we have defined the number of applications made to job postings as well as the number of applications made to AdWords, in addition to membership, thus AdWords bid strategies (bidding strategy) algorithms can be learned better with a large number of conversions. In this way, a large amount of conversion data and smart bidding technologies have been well analyzed in which situations the consumer can bring better conversions, and our performance has improved day by day.

In addition, by connecting Search Console and AdWords, we ensured that the company, which brings more than half of all its traffic from organic traffic, has AdWords ads and organic traffic to complement each other in order to use the budget we have in the most effective way. We’ve consistently provided keyword improvements in AdWords by analyzing the words and their positions that bring organic traffic from Search Console. We took action to maximize the number of conversions by sharing the outputs we obtained with our customers on a weekly basis, determining the advertisements that we should bring to the forefront on the site.

Simultaneously, we have made our applications more mobile-friendly by better understanding the needs of the consumer in IOS and Android applications. We included our apps in our ads as add-ons, thus increasing the number of mobile app installs every month. We have included our Apple Store and Android store pages more visible in the mobile view. Thanks to our updated mobile applications, we made much more use of and increased our market share.


We analyzed the inbound traffic source, the job posting that the consumer is interested in, and primarily the advertisements that may be of interest. We used technologies such as customized push notifications by analyzing the data we obtained with products such as Microsoft Power BI. In this way, the conversion figures we achieved increased and we increased our market share with each passing month.

We knew we could grow the account not only with ads, but also with funnel improvement. We knew that mobile users needed a fast and easy mobile experience, so we made the account application process very easy. We have laid out a job application process that can be completed with a few clicks.

By analyzing the market well, we realized that some of our customers wanted to complete their application processes on their own websites, and accordingly, we developed a feature called “directed advertisement”. Thanks to this feature, we have increased our market share as we have analyzed the current customer needs well. We defined applications to these postings as conversions and included these conversions in AdWords optimization.

About is one of Turkey’s leading career sites with more than 1.5 million monthly unique visitors. The share of job searches on mobile was growing year by year. Mobile improvements were one of the most important issues on the website, which has been restructured in the last year. Analyzing the rapid increase in the share of mobile on career sites, which was around 55% on average in 2016, we collaborated with our customers and restructured our mobile strategy with mobile site, mobile experience and mobile applications. One of the important parts of this strategy was to increase our mobile coverage rate with our AdWords ads.