Adım Adım

Success story with our Adım Adım brand in digital marketing


Keyword research is the most important part of search advertising. Thanks to the technologies we have developed, we make this process very healthy. In the keyword research process, our biggest effort is to allocate a budget to the words that will best support the planned conversion, as well as the search habits of the users. In order to understand the search habits of mothers, we have created content related to child development from the first birth to the age of 4 years. Our tool, which we created using the Search Console API to measure which organic searches these content appear in front of users, helps us to blend organic and keyword planner data.

The automated system we created during the campaign setup process continuously monitors the data in the campaign period. Words that fall below the conversion rate we set are automatically suggested to the account manager to be added to negative keywords. In this way, we can use our budget in the most efficient way.

We perform A/B tests to optimize our processes based on continuous analysis and use AdWords Scripts to fully automate this process. Thanks to the scripts, the decision mechanism of our test is completely data and the word that brings the most conversions is automatically selected.

By constantly updating ad plug-ins, we’ve spread the most conversion triggers across campaigns in general. At the same time, we followed our users with the events we placed on the site in order to make the best use of this data. Instead of simple metrics, we created remarketing data by segmenting the relevant level of users with the scroll rate on the page and the buttons in the calculation tools.

Training sets start after the 9th month. Despite this, we have included articles describing the development from the 1st month on our blog pages. The reason for this is that we saved the data to make a remarketing campaign for the users who read the 1st month content from the remarketing lists we create separately on a monthly basis, 8 months later, when they can become potential customers.

At the same time, we have prepared tools that automate on-page suggestions for all pages in order to increase our quality scores. In this way, we offered our customers suggestions to achieve the highest possible quality scores by automatically sending landing page tests.


In order for our ads to work in the most efficient way, we follow our partners’ sites instantly with our final url checker tool. In case of any problem, our system automatically stops the ads and we reach our account manager via SMS and Email together with our business partner.


It is a step-by-step system that sells monthly training sets for children aged 0-4 and their parents in packages with a subscription model. Thanks to the step-by-step training sets, children develop their social skills, motor skills and problem-solving abilities. It is in partnership with Boosmart on issues such as analyzing the data of existing subscribers, developing marketing strategies, managing Google Adwords and other accounts.